Battery Inspections

All inspections that the vehicle needs to have done are important. If you are not sure when this should be done, contact us. We can advise and recommend when all inspections and maintenance should be done for the vehicle. This should also include the inspecting the battery. Getting ready for the cold winter temperatures can increase the reliability of the battery in the long run. You will not wait until the last minute when it comes to having your vehicle repaired and fixed.

Signs of an Issue

Some signs of battery failure can be obvious while others can be subtle. The most common sign is if the vehicle becomes difficult to start. No matter what the weather or temperature is, if the vehicle is hard to start, the battery could be to blame. When the vehicle is not starting correctly, it could also be a result of the alternator or starter. Having it professionally inspected can help to be aware of any issues or problems that it might have. When these are noticed early on, then they can be repaired quickly. If you have constant issues with the vehicle trying to start, schedule an appointment to bring the vehicle in as soon as possible.


You can also notice some battery issues based on the electronics in your vehicle as well. If the headlights or cabin lights dim randomly, then the battery could be the source. You can also notice the radio, GPS, or any other electronic that may be plugged in. If the dimming continues, it is best to turn off everything that you do not absolutely need. The radio is one example of something that you can turn off to help preserve the strength of the battery. The battery light may also illuminate on the dashboard of your vehicle as well. If this comes on, make sure that your vehicle is not showing any other signs of an issue. This can reduce the chance of something severe happening as well.