Engine Cooling System

Whether the weather outside is hot or cold your engine needs to be kept at a consistent temperature to run efficiently and to prevent damage.  Your vehicle’s engine cooling system is responsible for this task.   

What Are The Components of A Cooling System?

The main components of your vehicle’s cooling system are:

  • Radiator
  • Water pump
  • Thermostat

There are other components such as hoses, fans and switches that are also parts of your cooling system.

How Your Cooling System Works

Your vehicle’s engine needs to creates a tremendous amount of power necessary to propel your vehicle forward.  The by-product of this power generation is heat and your vehicle needs a way to remove the heat to avoid engine damage.   Your cooling system is the answer. 

A water and anti-freeze (coolant) mixture is circulated through the engine then cooled by the radiator before it is pumped back into the engine to begin the process again.   

Common Issues

 The most common issues associated with issues with your engine’s cooling system are a cooling fan failure, a broken water pump, broken fan belt, stuck thermostat, coolant leak or a clogged radiator.  


Don’t wait until you have an issue with your cooling system that requires an expensive repair.  Have your coolant flushed every 30,000 miles or every 3-5 years.  Have your fluid level checked regularly and watch for any red or green liquid that may be seeping from your car.  If you have any questions about your cooling system give us a call and schedule an appointment at 952-938-9808.