Brake Repair

No single other piece of safety equipment in your car is as important as your brakes.  That may sound like a point that could be debated, but your brakes are what take you from highway speeds to a complete stop in only seconds.  If you’ve ever taken a physics class you probably learned that an object in motion stays in motion unless an external force acts on it.  In this case, that action is the application of your brakes. 

 If you are traveling at 70 Miles Per Hour and slam the brakes on average the stopping distance is 245 feet.  That is  nearly the length of a football field.  Also, that is only true if your brakes are in good working condition.    Automobiles with brakes that are old or worn can take significantly longer to stop.   

 Not all brake problems are created equal.  There are 3 main trouble areas associated with brakes and brake repair.

  • Shoe Replacement: Also known as brake pads, this is the simplest and most common aspect of car brake repairs.
  • Line Replacement: Brake line failure can be an emergency situation.  This can cause the loss of some or all of your brake fluid and impair your ability to stop.
  • Master Cylinders: Failure results in a mushy or spongy feel when the brake is pressed and can be associated with longer stopping times. 

 If your vehicle’s braking system just doesn’t feel right, don’t risk your safety, trust your gut and schedule an appointment.  952-938-9808