Is Your Vehicle’s Air Conditioner Blowing Warm Air? 

It Could Be Time For A/C Repair Service

Minnesota Summers are HOT!  They say that it’s not the heat that gets you, it’s the humidity.  That isn’t true when it comes to vehicles though.  It’s both.  If your vehicle is parked outside on a sunny day and the outside air temperature is 80º you can expect that the indoor to be 121º or more.   Don’t live with a broken A/C that just pushes the hot air around, start enjoying cool refreshing air again with A/C Service from Dale Feste Automotive. 

According to the average high temperature for Hopkins, MN and the surrounding areas between May and September is 83º.  That means for up to 5 months every year you could be driving with the in-vehicle temperature at or above 100º.  That is significant.   Don’t risk heat stroke or worse riding in a hot car.  The technicians at Dale Feste Automotive can repair your problem quickly and you may even be able to save with frequent offers available on our SPECIALS page. 

A/C Service includes the following:

  • In depth inspection of lines and hoses.  This is done with an ultraviolet dye that can be seen only with a special light and used to pinpoint the source of the loss of pressure.
  • Test and record the systems high and low pressure readings.
  • Check and record the temperature of the air from the air conditioning vents at maximum cool setting.
  • Once the system is repaired and pressurized add refrigerant as recommend by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

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