Fall maintenance is important for your vehicle to help ensure that it is working correctly when you will need to drive it. Following the proper recommended maintenance schedules will help your vehicle be in the best operating condition it can be in. If you choose to ignore maintenance schedules, your vehicle can have an unexpected breakdown. This may also result in a costly repair bill as well, depending on what the issue might be. Anytime you notice anything wrong with the vehicle, make sure to bring it in so we can inspect it for you.

Check the Lights

One area you will want to check on the vehicle is each light for it. The taillights, headlights, blinkers, and even hazard lights are important to inspect to ensure they are working correctly. If the lights do not illuminate as they should, there is an increased risk of an accident occurring because others will not see you. You should also check to make sure that the lights are aimed properly. The lights should be bright enough so that you can see, but not so bright you blind oncoming traffic. Headlights should also cover an area ditch to ditch, so you can be aware if anything comes out of it suddenly.

Remember the Wipers

You should also take the time and check the windshield wipers on your vehicle. Even if they are working great now, that may not mean they will last all winter. If they make a noise or chatter when they go across the windshield, they will be starting to wear down in condition. If the wipers leave streak marks when they operate, they will not continue to keep the windshield clean. You will also want to check the rear windshield wiper if your vehicle is equipped with one. This one is often overlooked until it is needed. Usually by then it has decreased in performance and quality. If you are not sure what type of wipers are needed for your vehicle, contact us.