Vehicle maintenance

Vehicle maintenance is needed for your vehicle, no matter the season. Spring is upon us, and with spring comes a list of things to prepare for like spring cleaning, spring garden planting, and even spring training for those sports your kids are involved in. One area that can get overlooked is preparing your vehicle for spring. Like every other area of your home and life, your car needs to be maintained every spring after the harsh conditions of winter driving. When you do make your appointment, we have some important questions to ask your mechanic to make sure your car is spring and summer ready.

Are my tires in good shape?

Nothing deflates our tires like a whole winter of driving in snow, ice, and salt. It’s important to have your tires inspected to make sure they are properly inflated and for any tread wear. Improperly inflated tires or tires that are losing their tread can be a driving hazard this spring and summer. While you’re down there inspecting the tire tread, it’s also important to inspect for dents and damage to your tire rims. This can also cause instability that you’ll want to fix. As long as you have your mechanic looking at those tires, you’ll want to make sure you get your tires rotated and balanced for a better and safer ride all summer long.

How’s my suspension?

Winter can wreak havoc on your suspension system – not to mention those pesky potholes that emerge in spring. Some signs that your suspension has a problem include continued bouncing after hitting bumps, usually bumpy rides, drifting to one side after turning corners, and difficulty steering. Ask your mechanic to inspect your struts and shocks to make sure everything is working right.

Vehicle maintenance for the alignment

Along with your suspension, the long winter can cause issues for your alignment.  Some signs that your alignment is off include squealing tires, pulling to one side while driving, noisy steering, and uneven or rapid tire wear. All of these symptoms can create safety hazards for spring driving so be sure to ask your mechanic to take a look.

Do you see any cracks or tears to the belts & hoses?

Out of sight, out of mind is fine for some things, but when it comes to your belts & hoses you may want to throw that saying out the window. Our bitterly cold winter temperatures can really create a mess for your belts and hoses – and left unattended, a torn belt can cause a breakdown by the side of the road when you least expect it. Ask your mechanic to check your belts & hoses for any wear, tears, or cracks to avoid that breakdown headache.

Is my AC ready for the summer?

Your AC has been in hibernation for quite a few months. It’s always a good idea to have your mechanic run an AC output test to make sure it’s in working order when you need it during the dog days of summer.

Should I replace my cabin air filter?

What is a cabin air filter? Great question. Cabin air filters keep your air inside the car clean and fresh by preventing pollen, mold, and other pollutants from entering the interior.  If your car was manufactured after 1999, you have a cabin air filter. Spring is the perfect time to replace that old cabin filter, so be sure to ask your mechanic to work on it.

Check the lights during Vehicle maintenance checks

Your headlights, taillights, and turn signals can take a beating from the elements each winter. Look for lights that have a yellow haze on them – this leads to a nighttime driving hazard that you’ll want to get taken care of. In addition, you’ll want  to get any burnt out bulbs replaced so that all these lights are in working order. And while you’re looking at your car’s exteriors, we recommend checking those windshield wipers. Winter weather can dull your blades which you’ll want to replace to get ready for those heavy spring rains.

When you’re ready to get your car ready for spring driving, these 7 questions are a good place to start when talking with your mechanic. If you’re ready to schedule your spring maintenance check, our team is ready to schedule your appointment and get you back on the road in no time.