Noticing a transmission noise while driving can cause enough of a worry to lead you to assume the worst. However, if you are aware of the types of problems that can arise with the transmission, you will find it easier to determine what repair work is required. Make sure to bring the vehicle in at any noise that you hear. This way we can inspect the vehicle, under the hood, or transmission, depending on the noise that is being heard. By catching an issue early on, you can help reduce the chance of costly repair bills in the future.


Transmission problems can arise when the gears that are used within the workings of it have become worn or defective. The mounting of the gears also needs to be correct to ensure that it works smoothly, and noise can result if this is not the case. In the event that any of the components of the transmission have come loose, an unusual noise can result from them rolling around and knocking other parts of the vehicle. If you hear a humming noise and notice the vehicle is having problems switching gears, make sure to bring it in as soon as possible.


The manner in which the transmission is attached to the vehicle must be considered to ensure that it is securely in place. Loose fasteners cannot only result in noise by the entire transmission rattling, but also by the rattle of the fasteners themselves. If you are uncertain if the transmission is securely fasten, schedule an appointment to bring it in.


Transmission fluid is essential for the correct working of the component. When the level reduces or it becomes contaminated, transmission noise can be the result. Draining or replacing the fluid easily fixes this problem. If you notice it becomes low, it is a sign there is a leak in your vehicle. This will end up costing you more in the long run because you will have to always add more transmission fluid. It also increases the chance you will not be able to drive your vehicle if the fluid is too low.


The filter is the part of the system that helps to keep the transmission fluid free from debris. When this becomes clogged up, transmission noise can result when the fluid cannot flow through it properly. This can cause the transmission to run poorly and will increase the wear on it. We can inspect the transmission and check the filter for you. This way the transmission will be able to operate effectively and efficiently when you are driving. Having an issue fixed at the first sign can help reduce further issues from forming.