The start of the New Year is a perfect time to understand the schedule that your vehicle should be maintained by. There are certain tasks and things that should be done so your vehicle always runs the best that it can. Checking with the owner’s manual is a great way to know what things need to be done, and how often they should be done. We can also recommend a schedule for your vehicle.


The brakes should be inspected on a regular basis. This will help to ensure the safety of your vehicle for you and your passengers. When the brakes start to make odd noises and sounds, schedule an appointment. When the brake pads and brake rotors start to go out, you may hear a high pitch squealing noise. This is usually caused by a metal on metal connection. If the brakes become spongy, then the brakes will show signs of going out. Check the brake fluid to ensure that it is at the correct amount.


The vehicle should also be inspected to ensure the wipers are in the best condition. They will improve your visibility as you drive. If the vehicle has a rear windshield wiper, make sure to check it as well. That is common to forget, until you need to use it. Even nice weather can cause the wipers to dry out and become damaged. If they are not clearing the windshield properly, it is recommended to replace them. The windshield washer fluid will also have to be inspected regularly. This is beneficial for helping remove dried on road grime or slush on the windshield. It is also beneficial to have extra washer fluid in the back, so you will always have it incase you need to replace it suddenly.