sunThe sun can quickly heat up your car. According to the documentations of NASA, 30 years of analytical data from the satellites have shown that the Earth’s UV ray exposure has increased over the years. So, if your car is mostly sitting outside under the glistening glare of the sunlight, then you can expect it to suffer from UV ray damages. In this instance, protecting your car from the sun’s destruction is pivotal.

Overtime exposure of high intensity UV rays will ultimately age your paint and make it fade in a dull and old display. It can also negatively influence your tires, upholstery and all the components of your car that contribute to the aesthetic.

Use a Car Cover if the Sun is out

The importance of car covers cannot be stresses enough. It is an easy, affordable and effective measure of your car’s sun protection. It also alleviates you from the troubles of finding a shaded spot to park; hence, it also saves you from wasting your precious time.

You can find excellent car covers that help you keep your car fully protected. They not only save your car from UV rays, but also against other environmental harmful agents such as dirt and grime. Their material is also resistant to infrared rays of the sun.

Good car covers consist of Noah fabric, which is a magnificent fabric that helps keep moisture out so that the vehicle does not rust. One drawback of having car covers is their heavyweight, along with the tiresome process of putting them on your car.

Therefore, using these covers will require some level of commitment from you; however, they will be incredibly worth the investment and efforts in terms of sun protection.

Modern Window Tint

Modern window tints use nanotechnology, meaning that they are very thin layers. These layers help change polarization of light as it passes through. As a result, the intensity of the sunlight decreases as it enters into the car. Not to mention, it also helps block a huge amount of infrared and ultraviolet rays from penetrating through the glass.

The new windows tints do not need to be dark block the harmful rays, so you do not have to drive around in a suspicious car. With the new modern window tints, you can have a nice open green house, along with sufficient sun protection.

Sun Light Rejecting Window Shades

A window shade that has a good shiny surface that blocks out and rejects the light that touches onto the surface is a measure. It does not require you to make the gruesome efforts with the cover, nor does it require you to spend a hefty amount on window tints.

You can purchase window shades for as little as thirty dollars and for that price, it provides incredible protection of your dashboard. Keep in mind that your dashboard is harder to replace than your engine and so, a window shade can save you a fortune.

Picking out the best sun protection ultimately depends on your car, and how much you value and utilize it. The best way will always be a combination of all methods, in accordance to where you park your car, and for how long.