The windshield wipers and wiper blades are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. Unfortunately, these are often overlooked until they are extremely damaged. Windshield wipers help improve your ability to drive safely. The windshield wipers are used when it is raining or snowing to keep our front and back windshields clear. This allows the driver to see in front of or behind the vehicle better.

Windshield Wiper Use

The more windshield wipers are used, the more they will wear. The wiper blades wear down and stop working with age. This is because contaminants in the air, oil, sunlight and dirt contribute to weakening your windshield wiper blades. With that deterioration, your blades are less and less able to keep your view clear and unobstructed. Just like having a chip or crack on the windshield, wiper blade deterioration makes it dangerous for you to drive.

Needing Replacing

Another reason the wiper blades wear down is from the weather conditions throughout the year. With freezing temperatures, the rubber of your wiper blades becomes hard and brittle. Hard and brittle blades are more likely to crack or tear, making them ineffective. Hot weather will make the rubber of the wiper blade warped, so it cannot wipe the windshield as cleanly.

When driving, there is a lot of debris that can make contact with the windshield. This includes dust, road grime, and also bugs. Over time of using the windshield wipers, the flat surface of them will be worn down. The rubber of your wiper blades also wears down over time, no matter how much you use or do not use them. The rubber blade will eventually lose its flexibility.

If you notice that the windshield wipers are not clearing the windshield completely, you may need to change the wipers. If you are not sure how, bring the vehicle in and we can do it for you. By having the windshield wipers replaced on a regular basis, you can help to ensure the best visibility when you drive. Ideally, you should put new wipers on every six months. But sometimes that length of time can change, based on the condition the wipers are in.