No matter where you are driving, you are bound to come across loads and loads of potholes. Snow and rain are common factors that lead to this issue, resulting in potholes of different sizes. You may think that these cracks are harmless and will not cause any damage, but you would be wrong. There are thousands, if not millions of people who do not take potholes seriously. They drive on them instead of avoiding them, which causes a lot of damage to their cars.

Believe it or not, sometimes the damage caused by potholes is irreparable, which is why it would be best to slow your car down whenever driving in an area riddled with too many potholes. This will help increase your car’s longevity and overall condition.

How a Pothole Damages Vehicles

Driving on paved or irregular roads affects your vehicle’s suspension in more ways than one. This generally happens because of the force your suspension has to endure, causing it to go upwards once your tire comes in contact with the hole. These types of situations are not favorable for tires because they push them in different directions at the same time.

Drivers should especially steer clear from long potholes because they are capable of damaging your car’s frame

You should especially avoid long potholes, as they can cause massive damage to your car’s platform or frame in multiple ways.

Your Suspension Goes Through Wear and Tear

As discussed earlier, your wheels undergo vertical as well as horizontal force once they enter a pothole, especially a large one. This causes the force to transmit in the direction of the suspension. An excessive amount of horizontal force is not good for your wheels as the damage can affect their alignment.

Not realigning your car’s wheels right way will result in significant wear and tear, leading to a great deal of discomfort when you are driving.

How to Prevent Potholes

Keep a Safe Distance

Avoiding potholes is almost impossible if you are driving bumper to bumper. It would be wise to maintain a safe space of around four to five seconds from the next car. This will help you avoid accidents and potholes, protecting your car from damage.

Keep an Eye Out for Puddles, they could be a Pothole

You’d be surprised to see how deep some puddles can be. In some cases, these puddles could even contain large potholes that could burst your tires and ruin your suspension within seconds.

Don’t Drive Too Fast if there is a Pothole

Driving at high speeds is incredibly risky, especially on roads with too many potholes. Instead, it would be better to slow your car down to make sure you have enough time to react accordingly. Slowing down will also give you extra time to drive away from potholes and puddles, especially in high traffic roads.