To help keep your vehicle working in the best condition possible, make sure to bring it in for regular maintenances. If you notice anything out of the normal between regular visits, make sure to contact us. This can help prevent a larger issue from forming in the future. By catching an issue at the first sign, you can also help prevent a costly repair bill when it needs to be fixed.

The power steering fluid gets dirty and builds-up moisture over time. Cleaning out your power steering system means that dirt and gum are removed and your important power steering parts are protected from detrimental corrosion.

When your wheels are out of alignment your vehicle pulls to one side. This causes your tires to wear out really fast. This can lead to a costly and unnecessary expense. Most vehicle manufacturers owner’s manuals suggest you get your alignment checked once or twice a year. If you notice your vehicle handles poorly, make sure to bring the vehicle in so we can check the alignment for you.

More and more vehicles these days have cabin air filters to clean the air in the passenger area where we sit. They filter out dust and pollen. When they are clogged up, they can get smelly. Change your cabin air filter on schedule to enjoy fresh, clean air, which can also help with allergies.

Most vehicles driven around the area have timing belts. Without a timing belt, your vehicle will not run at all. If the timing belt breaks while you are driving it, it can do thousands of dollars worth of expensive engine damage. Check the owners manual or with your service advisor. We can advise you for when the timing belt may need to be replaced.

Transmission services very basic, but they are often forgotten by auto owners. The transmission needs clean fluid from time to time to keep operating efficiently and avoid pricey repairs. It can also improve your fuel efficiency. If you start to notice poor fuel efficiency, make sure to bring your vehicle in so we can inspect it for you.


Not only is an inspection of the brakes needed, but also make sure to check the brake fluid. Over time, the fluid gets a lot of water in it. Since water compresses differently than the brake fluid, your brakes will not work as well. It may even get dangerous. The water can also rust out brake system components and then your brakes can fail altogether. By inspecting the brakes and brake fluid, you can maintain proper safety for your vehicle. Regular maintenance is important for the overall efficiency of the vehicle, so make sure to schedule an appointment with us.