Noticing an issue is important! Driving should be pleasant and comfortable experience. If the air conditioner starts to malfunction, there will be warm air starting to blow out of the vents. This could include a variety of reasons why the air is not as cold as it otherwise should be. It could include the condenser having an issue, or if there is a clog or leak in the system. No matter what issue, make sure to contact us so we can properly inspect and repair it. This will help to have a cool and comfortable ride this summer.


Noticing a Leak

Having the refrigerant leak is a common issue that you might encounter. As the hoses become worn and brittle, they will develop cracks and leak. The leak may also occur at the connection points. If the leak cannot be found quickly, then a special dye is injected into the system. This will help to locate the source of the problem. After the air conditioner runs for several minutes, a special light will be used to help find the area. A special sealant can be used so the problem is resolved, and the car will once again have cold air coming from the vents.


The compressor of the vehicle should also be inspected if the air conditioner is not working properly. Fins on the fan could have become damaged or bent as it was operating. Also check around it so there is not a blockage or clog happening. Any debris that blocks and restricts airflow will lead to further strain and stress on the compressor. Clear out any debris that is visibly blocking it, such as leaves, dirt, or any other road grime. If this still does not fix the problem of cold air coming out of the vents, contact us for an appointment. Having the interior cool and comfortable will help make the driving experience more enjoyable. The last thing you want is a hot interior of the vehicle when driving this summer.