A vehicle is made up of several moving parts and components that work as a system. This helps to allow the vehicle to operate effectively. The parts of the vehicle require regular maintenance, lubrication, and replacement when they become old and worn. Any strange noise could mean that there may be something wrong with the vehicle. By noticing odd noises in the vehicle, you can help to keep the vehicle operating in the best condition possible. If you notice an issue, make sure to bring the vehicle in as soon as you can. This can help to prevent further issues from occurring. It can also help reduce the chance of other parts failing as well. If an issue is caught quickly, you can help reduce time, money, and stress.




An indication of poor brakes is if you notice any noises coming from them. If the brake pads have become worn, they can start to make a noise. If this issue is ignored, the brake pads will eventually wear away. This can then make the sound of metal on metal, or a grinding sound. The noise is caused from the worn brake pads wearing against the brake rotors. If this happens, make sure to bring the vehicle in and we can replace the needed parts. Anytime you hear a noise from the vehicle when applying the brakes, bring the vehicle in. This can help to ensure the vehicle is safe and reliable for when you drive.



Another location where noises might come from is the wheels. If there is an issue with the brake pads, a squealing noise may come from the wheels. Through use and miles, the brake pads will wear down. When they wear down to where they should be replaced, a band of metal will become visible. This will then come into contact with the brake rotors. It could also mean that other parts may be wearing against one another.




If a loud squeak or squealing noise comes from under the hood, it could mean that the belts are worn or slipping. The belts becoming loose cause the noise. They will then start to lose traction. If you notice that one side of the belt has become shiny or glazed, it could mean it is time to replace it. Any other noise coming from under the hood that is out of the norm could indicate that parts are rubbing against one another. It is always recommended to bring the vehicle in for an inspection. This can help to identify the issue and have it resolved quickly. If there are other strange noises coming from parts of the vehicle, issues could develop into something more severe. This can also result in a costly repair bill when it is fixed.