The brakes are important for the safety and reliability of your vehicle. That is why it is important to always make sure that they are properly maintained and inspected for your vehicle. You can check the owner’s manual to see when the maintenance should be done for them. We can also help to advise you on when the vehicle should have the brakes inspected and maintained as well. Without proper maintenance, there is a greater risk of the vehicle have a breakdown or the brakes failing. One way to notice an issue is by any odd noises that the vehicle makes. You will always want to have it inspected before the noise becomes worse

Grinding noises

One of the most common sounds from the brakes is a grinding noise. The grinding noise is the result of metal to metal contact from the brake parts and components of the vehicle. When they make a loud noise, the brake pads could be worn completely, and are wearing with the brake rotors as well. Another reason could be from the brake rotors wearing with the calipers. If you ignore the issue, it can only become worse. If something is lodged between the caliper, it will also result in a grinding noise. This could be any small object like a small pebble or gravel. If the vehicle makes the noise, even without braking, then chances are it is an object that is stuck. You will want to have this inspected as soon as possible.


Also make sure you are aware how the brake pedal operates. If it is too hard when you apply it, the brakes may be an issue. The same is if you notice the brake pedal is too squishy. Check the brake fluid to ensure it is at the proper level it should be at. If you notice you have to replace this often, bring the vehicle in. That way we can check for a leak for the brake fluid and your vehicle.