With cooler temperatures comes the increase in the need to run the vehicles defrost, especially in the mornings. The defrost helps to clear the window from any frost or moisture that is on the window. This helps to ensure the best visibility as you drive, because you are able to see out the windshield without any obstructions. If you notice any issues with your vehicle, always make sure to bring it in so it can be inspected. That way your vehicle can be reliable and efficient again.

Why the Defrost is important

The vehicle’s defroster is used when the windows are fogged or frosted over. Defrosters can help to get rid of the condensation within the vehicle. As the defroster runs, it clears away the moisture that is on the windows. This can help keep the windows clear so your visibility is improved as you drive. By having the best visibility possible, you are able to see most everything around you as you drive. This can help to have a safe and pleasant driving experience.

Inspect the Defrost components

If you notice that the windows are still fogged over after you have run the defroster for a length of time, you may have an issue with them. Make sure to clear away anything that is on the vents inside the car. Objects over the vent can impair the ability for the defrost system to work effectively. If the vents are cleared from any obstruction that may be on it, there may be an issue with the interior parts. If you notice an inefficient defroster, make sure to bring your vehicle in. As the temperatures get cooler, the need for the defroster will increase. It is important to bring your vehicle in as soon as possible so it can be inspected. We can inspect the vehicle over for any issue that may be causing the problem. The heating and defrost system can also be looked at for what the issue may be. This way the problem can be resolved so you can have a safe driving experience again.

Clean away any debris, inside and out

If you notice that the defroster is not working properly, make sure any debris is cleared away. On the outside, there may be a buildup of leaves or other debris at the inlet at the base of the windshield. This can affect how the defroster on the inside of your vehicle works. It can also restrict the airflow of the defrosting system. Also make sure that the vents where the heat comes out of are not covered up by anything. Sometimes things such as a parking pass, piece of paper, or gloves can prevent your defroster from working as efficient as it can. Instead of the heat warming up the windows, the heat will go into those objects while your windows still remain frosted over. Removing any objects that may be over the defrost vents can help to have it working efficiently and effectively. Having the defroster on can help you to have the best visibility possible for when you drive.