Nobody likes to get ripped off, especially when you’ve invested a lot of money. The Magnuson Moss Act is one way you can legally take action against manufacturers or sellers. Warranties are promises made by sellers to provide buyers a better experience and a defect-free product. The Magnuson Moss Act ensures that if sellers are unable to keep their promise, they offer repairs. They also offer replacement or are obliged to even provide you with a refund if the former cannot be done.



The Magnuson Moss Act was passed in 1975 to protect customers from becoming victims of misrepresentation and fraud. The Act does not permit customer warranties in the tie-in sales provisions. The server producer cannot tell you that system warranty is valid only if the non-OEM devices are used. Manufacturers can’t ask customers to purchase any item or go with any service to keep their warranty valid.

In simple words, the server producer can’t tell you that the system warranty is valid only if non-OEM peripherals are used. If anyone conditions their warranty on purchase of their equipment is violating the US antitrust. You are allowed to have your vehicle serviced and repaired at any place you want. You are not required to go back to the original dealership.


To know about the act is your right. Would you be fine with some manufacturer or salesperson ripping you off and not paying you back what is rightfully yours? Of course not, no one would enjoy that. This is where the Act comes in. The Act helps you trust the service or the product and keeps you on a safe end. While oral warranty does give a little sense of relief and makes you trust the person you are purchasing from, written warranties are always a better option. It also claims and deals with written warranties. So, make sure you ask for a written warranty from the seller.


The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act was passed by the federal legislators to protect consumers from becoming victims of fraud or misrepresentation as consumers. In simpler terms, it was created to fix problems that people face after purchasing a product or getting a service done. People who are led by manufacturers in an unfair or misleading way. The act passed in 1975 is also called the Federal Lemon Law that helps consumers who are unable to claim warranty after being framed.

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