Never leave your kids or pets in your vehicle when it is turned off. The temperature can become dangerously high. If the temperature outside is 85 degrees, the interior of the vehicle can get up to over 100 degrees. This can happen in as little as ten minutes. Even if you park in the shade, the interior of the car will get hot. If you have to run into a store quick, even if you think it is only for a few minutes, always make sure to take your kids. While you go in, you can get easily distracted, or maybe the check out line is long. This will result in extra time in the store as well.


As the sun goes through the windows of the vehicle, it will warm up the car. This will act like a greenhouse and the heat will remain trapped in the vehicle. The sun will also warm up the dashboard and the seats. When this happens, it will radiate the heat to the rest of the vehicle. This causes it to heat up even faster. Then without the windows open, the air circulation will not occur. All of this plays a roll in how hot the vehicle gets quickly.

Remember Kids and Pets

Getting into the vehicle after it has been sitting out in the sun can be miserable as well. Take a few extra minutes and open up the doors to allow the hot air to get out. This will make it more comfortable to get in and start your car. If children or pets are with, you will not want them to get in the extremely hot car. If the vehicle does not have a properly working air conditioner, make sure to contact us so we can inspect and repair it. This will help for a comfortable and enjoyable drive.