Today, modern vehicles have more gadgets and components included under the hood. As a result, all the internal engine area space that used to exist has been taken up. This makes it very hard to get in and swap out a headlight bulb properly. While this was once a simple and easy task, changing one’s headlights has become increasingly difficult. So much, in fact, that most prefer to have the task done by a professional. However, despite the difficulties involved, just knowing what is required and what needs to be done can make the task much easier.


Get the Correct Bulbs

With so many different systems on the road today, the same bulb does not work for every vehicle. Little nuances can make a big difference between a headlight bulb for a Volvo wagon versus that for a Volvo sedan. Additionally, bulbs change between years of the same car model as well. To avoid mistakes, it is best to look up the car model first and then confirm what headlight bulb it uses. This reference can be found either by search on the internet or by looking it up in the car owner’s manual if available. Once the code is found, most automotive part shops have a sufficient supply of bulbs to choose from.

Know what Headlights work Better

Headlight bulbs tend to be sold in standard, long-lasting, and high performance versions. Part of it is marketing, and part of the difference is cost. However, higher grade bulbs will last longer than standard bulbs in some cases. To provide better lighting and more efficient use of car energy, most cars today use halogen bulbs instead of big, bulky regular sealed beams. This requires a headlight frame with a reflector to be in place. Inside the center is a hole the halogen bulb inserts. Once secured, the wiring is connected to the back of the bulb sticking out to power it. Because of the delicacy of halogen bulbs a person installing one needs to be careful not to break the wiring connection when pulling it off the old bulb end and not to touch the new bulb glass when installing it. Breaking the wiring connection will require a rebuild of the related connectors. Touching the bulb will create a hot spot, causing premature burnout of the halogen bulb.

Be Careful when Replacing the Lights

Additionally, because headlight assemblies are packed in so tight, a person will have to twist his hand to get the rear protective cover removed, loosen the connectors and old bulb, replace it with a new one, and re-connect and replace the cover. While it sounds fairly simple, there are enough sharp metal edges to do a number of a person’s hand trying to get the job done. You can also bring the vehicle in and we can inspect the headlights for you. If there is an issue, we can have it replaced in a timely manner. This way the vehicle can be safe and reliable for you.