inspectionsInspections are needed year round for the car. Every once in a while, it is your sole responsibility to inspect your car for any inadequacies and faults. Without consistent inspection, it is likely that you will keep on running into problems with your car. Fortunately, simple maintenance and checks are easy to perform and take very little time.

Engine Oil

Without adequate engine oil, your car’s engine can seize and burn out. Even though your car will indicate you over low oil levels, you should always be cautious and not rely on the system of the car, especially if you drive an old vehicle.

Checking the engine oil is fairly easy. All you have to do is find the dip stick and pull it out. After pulling it out completely you will need a cloth to wipe it off completely clean. Once the dip stick is clean, you will push it back in for measuring purpose and then pull it back out to observe the reading.

On the dip stick, you will notice that there are markings that indicate the optimum level for the oil. These markings are in the form of holes in most cases, and you are likely to come across two of them. You want your oil level to fall between these two hole or indicators to confirm that your car has optimum oil levels.

Other Fluids

Depending on the vehicle you drive you may have to check for different fluids in the car engine. For example, if your car comes with a power steering, then you will have to refill the power steering fluid so to keep the car’s steering in functional condition.

Otherwise, some fluids are standard in all cars, one such example of this type of fluid is the braking fluid. On the brake fluid reservoir you will find two indicating lines that show the maximum and minimum levels of the brake fluid. You want to again, make sure that the fluid falls between the two indicators on the brake fluid.

Air Filter Inspections

There are two filters in the car engine that you want to inspect. The first filter that you have to check is the engine air filter. To take out the air filter you do not require any tools instead, you can easily pull it out with your hands by loosening the clips.

Checking the air filter means that you have to watch closely between the folding for dirt or debris, and if you spot an accumulation, then you have to replace it. There is another air filter that is behind the car’s glove box. To inspect this air filter, you will have to screw open your glove box and pull out the air filter.

These car inspection and checks are easy to do, yet essential for your car’s health. Making sure that you stay on top of them will rid you from facing any major malfunction to your car. Ultimately, these checks cost very little money and keep you from a bigger repair expenses.