Vehicle Inspection, Dale Feste Automotive, Hopkins MN

Vehicle Inspection

The battery should be inspected visually for corrosion or any other buildup of debris regularly. The surface of the battery should be clean and free from any dirt buildup. The connection points and posts should also be free of corrosion or rust. This can decrease the power it is able to supply your vehicle. It is also recommended to have the battery professionally tested to see if it is able to hold the charge effectively.

As the hours of daylight start to shorten, make sure that the lights on your vehicle are working properly. You can clean off the lights by using a sponge or car cleaning cloth with a car cleaner. This way you can scrub and wipe away the buildup of road grime that has collected on the headlights and taillights from the previous months. By cleaning the lights, you can help to ensure you have the brightest and clearest beams possible when driving. Having good quality lights can help your visibility when you drive. The lights on the vehicle are also important to help other drivers see you. This can help to reduce the chance of an accident if you need to stop in an emergency situation.

Driving frequently can be tough on the brake system of the vehicle. The brakes will begin to wear down, and may become less efficient. You may notice that it may take longer to slow down and stop when you apply the brake pedal. This could be from the brake pads being worn down. Make sure to bring your vehicle in as soon as possible, so we can examine the brake system. Noticing any noises or feeling vibrations in the brake pedal could be a signal something is wearing with the brake system.

Contaminants can often get caught in the air filter of the vehicle. This is typical in the summer and fall months. The filter should be checked regularly and replaced as needed. If you notice debris built up in the filter, it may be a good time to change it. The air filter helps to prevent the debris contaminants from getting into your vehicle when you drive. So do a quick vehicle inspection before you start down the road.

So stop on by Dale Feste Automotive and let us do a quick vehicle inspection today.