While spring is here, now is the time to inspect your vehicle for any issues you might notice. It is also a great time to do some spring cleaning. By inspecting the vehicle, you can help to ensure that it will be safe and reliable for when you need to drive it. Make sure to bring the vehicle in for regular maintenance inspections. We will look at the parts and components based on the recommended schedule. Oil changes can be performed, as well as tire rotations and alignments. If you notice anything out of the norm with your vehicle between inspections, make sure to contact us. Catching an issue at the first sign can help prevent further wear and tear on the vehicle when you drive it.


Check the Air Pressure on the Tires


As you inspect the tires, make sure to check the air pressure. This is important because with poor air pressure, damage can be done to the tires and other parts of the vehicle. Tires that are low in air pressure will have a greater chance of blowing out. If the tires have too much air, it can lead to an uncomfortable ride. Over inflated tires will also be more likely to pick up sharp objects or debris that could be on the surface of the road, such as a nail or rock. If you are not sure of the correct air pressure, consult the vehicle owner’s manual. You can also bring the vehicle in and we can check the air pressure for you. Properly inflated tires can make the vehicle more reliable, while also improving the fuel mileage of it.


Look for any Damage on the Tires


Inspect each tire and look for any signs of damage to them. This includes cuts, cracks, puncture marks, or any other type of damage. Having the tires in good condition can help reduce the chance of an unexpected issue or breakdown. If you notice an issue or damage to the tires, make sure to bring it in. We can inspect the tires and advise you what can be done to repair them, or if a replacement is needed. Noticing a small crack on the tire is important to catch right away, before it becomes a much larger issue that would require a costly repair bill.


Remember to Check the Spare Tire


Besides checking the regular tires, it is also important to check the spare tire. This is because you will have to rely on the spare tire to get you to your destination until the regular tire is fixed. Also remember how to drive on the tires. Make sure to not drive more than fifty miles per hour. This is because the spare tire is typically smaller, and cannot rotate as fast as the other tires can. Also do not drive more than fifty miles in distance. A spare tire is meant to be a temporary fix. By inspecting the tires, you can help be ready for any issue that may come up.