Improve the fuel mileage of the vehicle as you drive to help save money in the long run. With some easy tips to follow, you can help get the best mileage from the vehicle when driving. One of the first things to do is remove any excess weight the vehicle might have. Make sure to remove any junk that is in the trunk of the vehicle. Extra weight in the trunk will put more strain on the rear axle. This will mean the front tires do not have the best grip, and it will reduce mileage as you drive.

Improve the Tire wear

Check the tire pressure to help improve the mileage of the vehicle as well. Even if the tires are slightly low, it can significantly reduce the mileage for your vehicle. This will result in the engine needing more gas in order to move the car properly. For the best mileage, check in the owner’s manual for the suggestion of air pressure. This will help them to have the best traction as you drive as well. When checking the tires, also remember to check the oil. Use the recommended oil for the vehicle so the engine can perform ideally. The less the vehicle has to have strain on the system, the better mileage it will get.


Another important thing to remember is to check the gas cap and seal. The rubber seal on the gas cap can start to break down over time. This allows oxygen to leak into the fuel tank. As an abundance of air gets into the gasoline, it will also enter the engine as the vehicle runs. This results in the engine burning more gas. Also make sure that the fuel cap is closed tightly. If it is not closed properly and loose, the same thing will occur. There may also be a dashboard warning light that illuminates on the vehicle to alert you to the issue.