To help maintain your vehicle and keep it in good working order, one of the things you should have done regularly is a wheel alignment. By doing this, you can help to extend the life of your tires. We also check the tires during scheduled maintenance to make sure they are in good shape with even wear patters, which will indicate proper alignment. The tires also need the tread and air pressure checked. By having an alignment done when you need it, you can help preserve the life of your tires and other suspension and steering parts of your vehicle. Proper alignment will provide better gas mileage as the tires are at the correct angles so your vehicle has minimal resistance.

Why you need the wheels aligned

When you drive, over time most vehicles will eventually require an alignment. The road surfaces you travel on, potholes, hitting a curb, and everyday driving will affect your wheel alignment. The alignment also refers to your vehicle’s suspension system. As a normal part of driving, your alignment and suspension may start to wear down and the springs can wear out. Hitting potholes, curbs, and other hazards can disrupt your suspension and knock some of the calibrated components off. This will then make your wheels sit at improper angles, which can cause rapid tire wear and effect the steering and suspension.

Signs you need your wheels aligned

Besides going in for a scheduled alignment, you may begin to notice signs that your vehicle will need attention soon. You will need to have your vehicle inspected if you notice that your vehicle pulls or drifts to one side or another, or if you have to turn the steering wheel to the side, away from the centered position to drive straight. You may also feel vibrations in your steering wheel as you drive. While some vibrations are typical, based on the surface you are driving on, but if you are driving on a smooth surface and notice vibrations, it is best to bring it in for us to inspect it. If you inspect your tires, you may notice there is uneven wear or tread being worn off on the edge. By alerting us to this and bringing in your vehicle for an inspection, you can help keep your tires lasting longer and your rides more enjoyable.

Wheel alignment can benefit you in several ways

Having a wheel alignment can help benefit you in several ways. The first way is that you save money. By having your tires aligned, your vehicle makes proper contact with the road’s surface resulting in less friction. When they are aligned they can go straight with little to no effort and will result in better gas mileage. This will also help your tires to have and maintain a longer life, as they will wear correctly and evenly. A properly aligned vehicle will enjoy better control, improved tire life, and a better driving experience for everyone.