Your springtime traveling is going to depend upon your car being as healthy as it can be. General car maintenance will help you measure its health and keep it healthy.  It can let you know what needs to be done to get it healthy and keep it that way. All of the systems in your car work harmoniously in tandem to get you to your destination, but the two systems that are very important are the brakes and steering and suspension systems. These two systems not only keep you safe on the road, but they can also provide a comfortable ride.

How the Brakes Work

Your brakes are the parts that stop your car when you step on the brake pedal. The entire system needs to be maintained to keep it in good shape. This is one of the systems that greatly benefit from regular inspections because your brakes give you clear warnings of when it is time to replace them. The first part to let you know that something is wrong is the brake pads. These parts sit on the top of the brake discs, which are large circular metal discs that sit behind the tire in the tire well. When you step on the brakes, the pads squeeze against the discs and stop the car. When the brakes are going bad, the first warning is that you will notice that it is taking longer to stop your car and you have to depress the brake pedal harder than normal. Continuing to drive on worn pads will produce a shuddering and squealing from the brakes, which is telling you that the pads are worn down and metal is grinding against metal. At this point, the discs are susceptible to cracks and could break.

How the Steering and Suspension Work

The steering and suspension works together to help you control your car. You will know how your steering is faring by letting go of the wheel when you are driving straight. If your car keeps traveling in a straight line, then your steering is fine. The suspension is the system that makes the ride comfortable and it keeps the car stable on uneven roads and in turns. You will know when your suspension needs work because your car will bounce vigorously on roads that have potholes, railroad crossings, cracks, and other deformities. You should keep a close eye on your suspension because the accumulation of driving over uneven pavement can knock the suspension out of line and cause your wheel alignment to be off. It is a good idea to have your suspension checked when you have a wheel alignment done.

How Do They Work Together

The brakes work with the steering and suspension to keep you safe on the road and to keep the other drivers safe with whom you share the road. If your suspension is off, your car will nosedive when you step on the brakes, which could cause damage to your car, especially if you have to panic stop. The brakes will stop the car, but the will could suffer damage because the suspension is off. If the brakes are bad, then you may lose the ability to stop the car and have an accident. Make sure that you maintain your car so that you can make it through the spring with ease.