headlightsEvery car has different types of headlights, consisting of different kind of bulbs. In modern cars, each headlight and headlamp is unique in its design and integrates many additional features. Usually, in a car, a headlight represents an assembly of car components that mount inside the bonnet and is displayed inside a glass covering.

Types of Headlamps

The bulb inside this headlight assembly is the headlamp. The types of headlights include tungsten halogen lamps, high-intensity discharge bulbs, LED lights, and laser lights. Tungsten halogen bulbs are one of the most popular. The high-intensity lights, on the other hand, are the costliest option, and it is more likely that you will find them in only high-end and luxury cars.

LED headlamps are lights that are in the early stages of adoption. Many modern cars now come with LED headlamps because they are more efficient and technologically advanced. The laser lamps are the latest renditions of headlights and are currently in a prototype phase.

How are they Made?

Car headlights are an integral component of a car. Today, they serve many purposes other than simply shooting out a beam of light and making the path visible to the driver. They are also the first noticeable feature that catches the buyer’s attention and makes the car appealing.

Car buyers of today are very critical of the headlight design since any disarrangement in the shape of the headlights will compromise the overall aesthetic of the car. Unlike the metal and glass headlights that you found in the past, today’s headlights consist of durable plastics that manufacturers can mold into an array of different shapes and sizes.

Headlights and Maintenance

Like any other component of a headlight, they are vulnerable to wear and damage. You have to make sure that they are in good condition, especially in the late fall season with the onset of the winter season.

Since days are shorter and nights are longer in the cold season, you will be using your headlights more than usual. This is why you must keep a close check on the headlights and restore or replace them when necessary.

Most modern headlights are plastic, and it is not uncommon to see yellowing, fading, or cracking on the plastic assembly. Therefore, make sure if your assembly is cloudy and requires cleaning. Furthermore, you should also check the brightness of the bulb and whether that needs replacement.

Even though you will find many products in the market that you can use to restore the headlight assembly. No matter how many times you polish it, the plastic is bound to crack and break. This, in turn, will require you to buy the expensive assembly.

It is better to work on prevention than spend additional costs on replacement. Other times, your headlight may not perform optimally because of misalignment of the beams. This will require you to aim the headlamps correctly.