Inspect your vehicle this fall, and you can help prevent further problems and issues in the long run for it. Following regular maintenance schedules for your vehicle will help keep it operating at top performance levels. You can check either the owner’s manual or you can contact us. Since there are various things to do, you will want to make sure that the car is always up to date on the maintenance it needs. You will want to make sure that the tires are inspected. Make sure they are properly inflated. The tires should rotate correctly to help have the best fuel mileage you can have.

Windshield Wipers this Fall

Make sure to check the windshield wipers for the vehicle. The wipers will help to remove any road grime or build up of insects and dirt. Without a clean windshield, you will notice that you will not see the road as clearly as you otherwise should. If there is a smear mark on the windshield, the visibility is impaired. Make sure to check the wipers for any damage or rips to the rubber. You can also notice an issue with the wipers if there are odd sounds coming from it as it operates. There could be vibrations or chatter sounds that come from the windshield wipers when they operate. This can mean that they are not properly lined up for the windshield.


Also make sure to check all the fluids for the vehicle as well. This should include the oil and oil filter. The oil helps to keep the engine moving and operating efficiently. That also includes the gears and other moving parts under the hood. Without oil, the engine can seize up completely and lead to extreme issues and damage. The oil filter will capture and sort out pollutants that are in the oil of the vehicle. Doing so will help prevent these contaminates from the engine. If you are not sure if the oil filter should be changed, make sure to ask us on the next appointment.