Emission testing is important for you and your vehicle, as well as the environment.  An emission test is a protocol contained in an emission standard to allow comparable measurements of exhaust emission for different engines or vehicles.  By doing so, you will be able to tell how much pollution your vehicle could produce.  These pollutants are a concern and factor into your health as well as air quality and living quality.

What is Emission Testing?

An emission test checks the levels of hazardous materials that escape from a motor vehicle with a combustion engine.  The main goal of emissions testing is to cut down on pollutants that are harmful to the environment.  They also focus on improving the air quality.  The standard combustion engine automobiles release a number of pollutants into the environment.  Some of these pollutants are harmful to humans and animals.  Unburned fuels like hydrocarbons create smog and potentially contribute to the growth of cancer.  Particulates are soot byproducts of fuel that can cause respiratory issues.  Those with heart disease should be concerned about the carbon monoxide, as it is known to reduce the blood flow throughout the body.  There are other pollutants that are also threatening to the environment.  Carbon Dioxide is a greenhouse gas that can contribute to global warming and be harmful to the environment.  Also nitrogen oxide is another harmful pollutant that causes smog and acid rain.

Why you should have your vehicle emission tested

The main purpose of an emissions test is to lower the polluting emissions into the environment.  Most of these pollutants are the result of unburned or partially burned fuel passing through the combustion system of an engine.  Other pollutants are naturally occurring chemical reactions that occur from the temperature and air mixtures when the vehicle is operating.  By having the emissions test done, you can help prevent these harmful pollutants from going into the environment and causing it harm.  Your vehicle will be able to run more efficiently and be safer for you and your family in the long run.

Benefits of Emission Testing

There are several benefits to having your vehicle emission tested.  It will determine if your vehicle is producing and releasing dangerous and harmful pollutants to the environment.  Your vehicle will also be able to run cleaner and safer for everyone.  These pollutants can be harmful to humans, animal, and other living creatures as well.  Hydrocarbons can contribute to liver damage and cancer.  With carbon monoxide, it reduces the blood’s ability to carry oxygen and it can be fatal with constant exposure to it.  Nitrogen oxide can destroy the body’s resistance to respiratory infection.  Particulates can cause respiratory illnesses and complications with the respiratory system.  The sulfur oxides cause breathing problems to people who are active outdoors or who have asthma.  Also, these pollutants can affect soils, lakes, and streams.  It can also lead to an accelerated corrosion of buildings and monuments, and reduced visibility.  So it is always best to take your vehicle in to get tested to make sure it is running as clean as it can be.