Make sure to check your vehicle often. Check the tires on a weekly basis. The air pressure should be at the amount that is recommended by the vehicle owner’s manual. Tires that are under inflated or over inflated could cause issues over time. Under inflated tires can lead to poor fuel efficiency with the vehicle. Over inflated tires can be more prone to pick up sharp objects and debris that might be in the road. Besides having regular maintenance done on the vehicle, there are some tips you can do to help improve your driving habits, as well as your safety this winter.

When traveling, make sure to drive with caution and slow down. Going too fast for the conditions of the road can increase the chance for an accident. Going at a slower speed can give you more time and distance to react if something would occur. This can help increase the safety for you, as well as those around you. Also make sure you allow more room between yourself and other vehicles. With normal road conditions it is recommended to leave at least three seconds between the vehicle in front of you and yourself. If the roads are covered, this should be doubled or tripled.

When bad weather approaches, try not to do anything forcefully. This includes braking and accelerating fast. If you have to slow down or stop suddenly in slippery conditions, try to pump the brakes lightly. This can help to reduce the chance of the tires locking up and having an accident.

The most important thing to look out for on the road is black ice. Black ice is a dangerous road condition. It is a thin layer of transparent ice that forms when the temperature is close to freezing. It can sometimes make the road look slightly wet. Noticing ice build up on the antenna or top corners of the windshield can help to detect if black ice is a possibility. Be cautious when driving over elevated structures like bridges or highway overpasses. These will typically freeze first. Sometimes the main road can be in good condition, but the ramp or bridge may be slick. Bridges and overpasses are also a common area for where black ice can form.