As you clear off the windshield of your vehicle, also remember to clear off the hood, trunk, and roof of it as well. Doing so will allow you and those around you with the best safety. If you are driving and you have this still on there, you run the risk of it blowing off. As it does this, it can blow up into the windshield and impair your own visibility. There is also a chance it blows off beside or behind you, which would impair the visibility of the drivers around you. If you notice any chunks or sheets of ice, these can blow off and hit vehicles around you. This would then cause damage to their vehicle.


You will want to scrape more than just a small area on your windshield to see out of. Make sure that the entire windshield is scraped clearly away. This way you will have the best visibility, without any issues seeing. You will also want to remember to scrape the side windows of your vehicle as well. If you need to change lanes, or move over quickly, you will want to see the vehicles around you. The same is true if you are at an intersection on the road, you will want to see any oncoming traffic.


As you go and start your vehicle this winter, make sure to turn on the defrost for it. This will allow the windshield and rear windshield to warm up quicker. As the defrost operates, then you can scrape any ice, snow, or frost off of your windows. If you notice that the defrost is not producing adequate heat, make sure to contact us. We will inspect the vehicle to see what the issue is. Even if you think a problem is not important, it is always best to have it inspected.