Catalytic Converters According to a report, the theft occurrences regarding catalytic converters of vehicles have risen to about 500 percent over the years. This raises plenty of eyebrows at the police department as they are failing to neutralize this situation and slow down these instances across the nation.

Why are Catalytic Converters Difficult to Prevent?

Thieves will only take about a minute to rip out your catalytic converter. All it requires them to do is get underneath your car, spot the converter along the exhaust pipe. Then slice the two ends of the exhaust pipe that is holding it together.

Not to mention, with new portable and battery-powered saws in the market, this makes cutting open a pipe even easier. Considering the number of unsupervised cars around an urban locality, it is incredibly hard to keep track of someone that is fleeing away in a minute’s worth of time.

What can You Do?

There are plenty of things that you can do to prevent an offender from getting their hands on your catalytic converter. Out of all the prevention steps, the best option is to take your car to a technician and ask them to install a metallic covering underneath your car.

This metallic cover can protect your catalytic converter by making it blocking out access to your converter. Coverings of this type can take shape in the form of either grills or plates. Other alternatives involve wrapping steel cables around your converter.

This step is less expensive and does not require you to hire professional help. However, it does not offer the same level of protection as a grill or a plate. However, since they come at a much cheaper price, you can use them excessively and wrap the entire length of the exhaust pipe to maximize protection.

Most people avoid getting comprehensive insurance because they do not want to pay extra deductibles. Hence, they find it much better to have regular insurance. However, in most cases, regular insurance will not cover vandalism and theft. In the midst of a catalytic converter theft epidemic, it just may be the right time to opt for comprehensive insurance.

Do Preventative Steps Guarantee Protection of Catalytic Converters?

The simple answer is no. Preventative measures such as shield installations, grills, cables, and alarm systems can make life difficult for a thief in their pursuit to get your catalytic converter. However, if they want your converter, they will cut through all the pieces of metal to get to it.

The best step is then to try to adopt safer parking habits and hope for the best. Nonetheless, keep in mind that a thief will always choose the easier option. Therefore, if your car presents a tougher challenge, then the perpetrator will simply move to the easier target. The rise in catalytic converter theft varies according to the fluctuating price of the precious metals inside the converter. Hence, until the prices of Rhodium, Palladium, and Platinum do not stabilize, keep a watchful eye on your car.