When the temperatures get colder, snow and ice will be inevitable. It is important that you make sure your vehicle will be ready to handle the winter weather conditions. The most important thing to remember is that you clean off the vehicle fully. Make sure that you clear off the entire vehicle before you drive. This should include the windshield, rear windshield, and all the side windows and mirrors. The hood and roof of the vehicle will also need to be free and clear of any snow. If you leave snow on it, there’s a good probability it can fly up and impair your visibility when you drive. It could also reduce the visibility for anyone beside or behind you.

Brush off the lights

Besides the windows, it is recommended to brush off any snow that might be covering your headlights or taillights. This way those that are driving around you will be able to see you. It will also alert everyone which direction you will be turning or if you are changing lanes. Also, when the headlights are cleaned off, you will be able to see better because the lights will not be covered with snow.

Adjust the Speed

If you are driving in less than ideal conditions, make sure to slow down. This is because the poor weather can impact the handling of your vehicle and also the stop time. Leaving extra space behind the vehicle in front of you is also important. In normal conditions it should be at least three seconds of a space. If the weather or roads are poor, it should be doubled or tripled to six or nine seconds. You might encounter something called black ice. This is when there is ice on the road, but it cannot always be seen. This usually happens when the temperature is right around freezing. Black ice can also be common on bridges or overpasses.