Most of the time, people do not think about headlights or taillights until one of them goes out or when they get pulled over by law enforcement. When you are in the throes of your springtime traveling, you do not want to run the risk of getting a ticket for a light being out. You should inspect your headlights and taillights and it should be a part of your routine general car maintenance. Every time you enter your car, you should look at your lights to make sure that they are at least working. Performing a more detailed inspection should be done on a regular basis to keep you safe while driving at night.

Keep Your Lights Clean

The plastic that covers the bulbs for the headlights, fog lights, and turn signals can turn yellow or milky over time. If you live in colder climates, the winter can add road salt and other chemicals and make the lenses discolor even faster. If the plastic is discolored, it mutes the light coming from the bulb, and you will not be able to see very well and the other drivers will not be able to see you as well, either. The muted lights may cause the other drivers to not be able to gauge where you are on the road. Once the lenses become milky, they can be difficult to clean. You can find cleaning kits in auto repair supply stores that may provide some result. You will also be able to find headlight-polishing paste that you can buff onto your headlights and then wipe off. Some people find that the kits can sometimes make new scratches over the ones you are trying to polish out, and they can cause scratches to the paint on the hood and front bumper.

What are the Benefits?

The most important benefit you get from taking care of your headlights and taillights is the additional safety on the road. Clean headlights mean that other drivers will more easily see you and you can see other drivers. The light will be sharp and clear and it can even help your peripheral vision. You will be able to see things that are in your vicinity more clearly and you will be able to dodge obstructions in the road. The farther away you can see the obstruction, the quicker you will be able to brake for it and alert the drivers behind you that you are braking.  Clean taillights will help the drivers behind you to more easily see when you apply your brakes or of your intention to make either a left or a right turn.

The Importance of Regularity

Cleaning your lights should become a regular part of your maintenance schedule as well as a normal part of washing your car. You should inspect your headlights, fog lights, and taillights to make sure that they are still operating every time you get in to drive your car. If you notice that you have a bulb that is blown, you should have it replaced as soon as possible and avoid driving until it is repaired. If you drive at night with your lights not operating properly, you can run the risk of getting a ticket from law enforcement and even run a greater risk of having an accident.