When you live in a neighborhood with low temperatures, it’s important to care for your car’s battery. The average life expectancy of a battery is four to five years, but winters slow down the chemical reaction in your battery, forcing it to work harder as opposed to in normal conditions. Extremely hot weather is also dangerous for your car as the fluid starts to evaporate. Nevertheless, winter can be disastrous for your car’s battery.

If you are familiar with the connection between cold spells and car batteries, you will learn more. This article will help you understand why your battery dies during the winter season and how you can prevent this.

How do Batteries work?

One of your car battery’s main tasks is to turn on the engine. When your car starts, it transfers the tasks for running the electrical system to the alternator. The battery is also responsible for power to the accessories such as lights, cooling, and heating systems when your switch the car. However, the battery may discharge too much energy to keep these parts functioning.

The car’s battery has numerous plates working together and forming twelve volts. These plates connect with each other, forming positive and negative electrodes. The rapid discharge can cause your car’s battery to fail when you leave the lights turned on overnight. A lead battery will fail because of excessive discharge.

How to Prevent Battery Failure?

1.    Visit a Professional

You can visit a professional repair center in Hopkins, MN, such as Dale Feste Auto, so they can inspect your vehicle and indicate if there are any possible issues. At Dale Feste Auto, we offer professional checkups before and during winter to ensure safe driving. We understand how challenging the winter season can be in Hopkins, MN.

2.    Park your Vehicle Inside

Parking your car in an open environment increases the risk of battery damage. Many car owners think that wind chills affect battery performance, but the temperature plays an essential role in battery damage. Instead of parking your car outside your home in an open area, choose a warm location. For instance, park in your garage. You can rely on heating equipment to warm the surroundings.

3.    Warm-up your Car with Block Heater

You can purchase electric block heaters and keep them in your car, so it stays warm. Many cars include battery covering to protect it from extreme weather, but repair shops often trash these protective covers. In short, you need to prevent cold weather from affecting the battery’s performance, so keeping a block heater will do the task.

4.    Keep your Battery Alive

With excessive discharge, your battery may die soon already. So before the chilly weather sets in, you need to charge your battery. Recharging your battery extends your battery’s life and offers more power to the car. Visit Dale Feste Auto in Hopkins, MN, to check your battery’s life.

How to Identify a Weak Battery

Here are some major signs to identify a weak battery:

  • The engine takes time to start
  • You smell a Sulfur-like odor
  • The headlights are becoming dimmer.


To enhance your car’s performance and protect the battery from chilly weather in Hopkins, MN, make sure to test your car before winter. However, if you still haven’t been to a professional car repair shop, you need to visit Dale Feste Auto.