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The battery can lose its charge for several reasons. A jump may be needed for some of the reasons the battery has lost its charge. If you leave the vehicle’s headlights on, they can drain your battery and cause it to go dead. The same thing is true for leaving on the interior lights of the vehicle. Leaving the radio on when the vehicle is not running can also lead to the battery going dead. If you notice your battery draining or going dead frequently, bring it in so we can inspect it. Sometimes the battery is draining because of another issue, at which case we can check to find the cause of the issue.


Sometimes the cables that connect the battery to the car can corrode. This will cause the battery to not be able to hold a charge properly. You will want to make sure the cables, terminals, and any connection points are clean. Clear away any dirt or debris that may have formed on it. Begin to test the battery by making sure the engine is turned off. Turn on the windshield wipers or the headlights. If the wipers move slowly or the headlights are abnormally dim, this may mean the battery is losing power and charge.


The alternator in your vehicle is responsible for charging the battery. The alternator can lose power for a variety of reasons. It is important to have the alternator tested before you replace it; to make sure the issue is with the alternator. Examining the conversion of the alternator current to the direct current can help test the alternator. Sometimes the voltage can overload and cause the alternator to fail. Bringing in your vehicle is recommended, so we can examine and test out what the issue may be. No matter what issue you notice from your vehicle, make sure to schedule an appointment so we can inspect it for you.