When the kids head back to school, remember that now is a good time to have the vehicle inspected bumper to bumper. No matter if you are driving your kids to school, or maybe you have a young driver in the family, you will want the car in the best condition possible. Following regular maintenance intervals is important for the longevity of the vehicle. If you are not sure how often this should be, make sure to contact us.

Changing Oil before the Start of the School Year

Having the oil changed is an important part of making sure the vehicle runs efficiently. When the oil is changed, fresh clean oil will be in the engine to help it operate. You can check in the owner’s manual, or contact us for when the oil should be changed for your vehicle. If the oil starts to look like sludge, make sure that you schedule an appointment for an oil change. At the same time, we can change the oil filter for your vehicle as well. The oil filter can collect any dirt or other pollutants as it passes through the filter of your vehicle.


Along with the oil, make sure to check the other fluid levels as well. This should include the transmission fluid, brake fluid, and even the windshield washer fluid. Each one as a specific reservoir it should be put into. There is also a line on the container that should specify where the fluid levels should be. Make sure to add to the fluid so that it is always at the line indicated. If you notice that it gets low often, you will want to schedule an appointment with us. We can check for any leaks or damage that may be causing the issue. This can help prevent further damage to your vehicle as well.