The ABS light is important. When you see a dashboard warning illuminate, you will want to take these seriously. This will alert you to any issues that the vehicle may be experiencing. When you notice that a dashboard warning light starts to blink, this can mean that the problem is significantly worse. You will want to make sure to pull your vehicle over and turn it off when it is safe to do so. This will help you to prevent further damage from being done to your vehicle. Also remember to bring the vehicle in as soon as possible so we can inspect it for you.

Importance of Brakes

The brakes are an important part of your brake system. If you see the ABS, or antilock brake system, illuminate, make sure to bring the vehicle in. This can help us to make sure that all components of the brake system are working as they should be. If the light comes on, then there could be an issue with the brakes. Depending on the severity of it, this could also compromise the safety for you and your passengers. You may notice that the brake pedal does not respond as it otherwise should. If it is too soft or too hard when you apply it, make sure to bring the vehicle in for an inspection.

Notice issues with the ABS

There could also be an issue with the brakes if the vehicle pulls in one direction or the other when you apply the brake pedal. While this could also be caused by the steering or tires, an inspection by a professional is the best recommendation. You should also notice if the vehicle and brakes make odd noises. This can be caused by any metal to metal contact from the brake system. It is also the result of a brake rotor and brake pad wearing down. You will want to make sure these are replaced as soon as possible for your vehicle.