Springtime brings people out of the proverbial shell and many seek out new adventures. Some of those adventures involve driving across the country or taking an extended driving trip to see the family. Everyone has their own style of driving, and spring makes some people want to experiment or to find a driving style. Each driving style is more suited to a car transmission based upon the nature of the driving style. If you already know that you like to have complete control over your gears and when to change them, then you should choose the transmission that is more conducive to your style of driving.

What is the Car Transmission?

The transmission is a system of gears and gear trains that work together to convert speed and torque into maneuverability and performance. In other words, the transmission is the system in the car that allows you to change gears in order to increase speed or reverse direction. If your transmission goes out, then you will not have any control and the car will be stuck in gear leaving your car will be inoperable. There are three types of transmissions available for cars: manual, automatic, and continuously variable transmissions. Each type has its own pros and cons, but which one is best suited for your driving type? Once you discover the attributes of each type, you will be more informed and able to choose the best transmission for your car.

Choosing Between the Automatic, Manual, or Continuously Variable Transmission

The automatic transmission is responsible for allowing a car to utilize multiple gears to increase speed. This type of transmission is popular because it automatically changes gears for you as you increase or decrease speed. This is a good choice for people who like to cruise or who drive in the city. Manual transmissions require that you manually change the gears with the use of a clutch pedal and a gear shifter. You have complete control over which gear in which to operate your car, which you may prefer if you like to open up on the open road. Continuously variable transmission, or CVT, is a combination of automatic and manual. CVT allows you to switch between manual and automatic to adjust to various driving conditions. Cars outfitted with automatic transmissions are easier to learn to drive than manual ones.

Watch Your Transmission Fluid

The transmission of a car is just as vulnerable to the damaging effects of heat as the other car systems. If you have an automatic transmission, you should make sure that you have the proper level of transmission fluid. This fluid absorbs heat, keeps the inside lubricated, and protects against dirt and other debris. The fluid keeps the contaminants suspended until the filter captures it. To check your fluid level, locate the dipstick and pull it out. Wipe it off, and reinsert. When you pull out the dipstick a second time, look to see where the level falls on the indicator at the end of the stick. If it falls below the recommended level, replenish. If the fluid appears dirty, change it. Make sure you follow the guidelines established by the carmaker when setting a regular schedule for maintenance. Your springtime travels will go a lot smoother once you have found your driving style and your perfect car transmission.