Wheel Alignment Service

When is Service or Repair Necessary?

Does your vehicle seem to pull to the left or the right when traveling down the road?  Have you noticed uneven or rapid wearing of your tires?  Is your steering wheel crooked even when driving straight down a level road?  If you can answer yes to any of these, then your vehicle needs a wheel alignment.   

Do you need a front end alignment or a wheel alignment?  Are they different?  Well, yes and no.  A front-end alignment means aligning the front two wheels only and a wheel alignment (for 4-wheel drive vehicles) brings all 4 wheels into alignment. 

What Does a Wheel Alignment Include?

 A wheel alignment begins with an inspection of the suspension system, including tire condition and air pressure.  Next, initial computerized alignment readings are taken to give our technicians the information needed to bring your vehicle back into perfect alignment. After that adjustments to the camber, caster and toe angles are made (if adjustable) to the manufacturer specifications.  Finally, a final alignment reading is taken to verify that performed alignment is within specification and a road test is performed..

If your vehicle’s needs a wheel alignment call us to schedule an appointment.  952-938-9808