Suspension System

Are You Enjoying Your Smoothest Ride? 

Do you remember that time last week when you didn’t notice that pothole and hit it hard at 50 M.P.H?  Even though if that happens you were probably shaken at the time if you don’t blow a tire you probably keep right on driving like nothing happened….but something did happen.  Your suspension absorbed a considerable amount of the impact and probably saved you from what would have been an even bigger impact.

Your vehicle’s suspension is made up of nearly a dozen individual components that working together keep you protected from many of the ups and downs on the road. It is the job of your suspension to maximize the connection between your tires and the road and to improve handling.

If you hit an unexpected pothole, or took the corner too tight and hit a curb or if it has been a long time since you had your vehicle’s suspension inspected, your suspension might need attention.

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