Starting & Charging

It happens to all of us and always at the worst times.  You go to start your car….and click click click click.  Did you leave your lights on?  Dome light?  Kids video game system plugged into the cigarette lighter?  Maybe your battery is just old. 

 Your vehicle’s starting system has 3 major components. 

The Battery

Your vehicle’s battery’s job is to start your automobile.  Once it is started the alternator takes over. 

It may sound surprising, but more batteries die in the heat of the summer than in the bone chilling cold of a Minnesota Winter.  Heat is hard on batteries and your battery has a strong defense system, but it will eventually die. 

The Alternator

When your vehicle is running it is the job of the alternator to generate the energy needed to supply your vehicle’s electrical system’s needs and to charge the battery.  Your vehicle’s engine works together your alternator to create the energy needed to power your vehicle. 

 The Starter

The Starter, or Starter Motor is provided with electricity when the ignition switch is turned.  This causes the pinion gear to spin.  When the gear meets the flywheel the starter turns.  This causes the engine to turn over sucking in both fuel and air. 


What does service include for starting and charging systems?

  • Inspecting the battery, cables, case and hold down bracket.
  • Cleaning the battery terminals and connectors.
  • Testing the surface charge and cold cranking amp capacity of your battery.
  • Testing the voltage draw of your starter.
  • Testing the voltage output of your alternator.
  • Checking your electrical system for any possible battery drains.


 If your vehicle won’t start or has a hard time starting, schedule an appointment.  952-938-9808